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Freelancer, Avid Research Paper Reader. Ask me about:- Bioinformatics, Blockchain, GCP and ANIME.

This tutorial is a part of “Getting Started with Alibaba Cloud” Tutorial Series. Previous articles in this series include:-

  1. Getting Started with Alibaba Cloud — Resource and Access Management for Better Practices — 1

In this article, we shall delve into Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun for short) Elastic Compute Service or ECS. If you have been following our previous articles, by now you know how to create a RAM user for daily usage besides the Root Account provided by Aliyun. It is recommended that you use…

How will you explain ‘Blockchain’ to a 5-year old child?

Today we are going to try to understand what blockchain is from the perspective of a child. Something like this would be really helpful when you are approached by your little sibling. You wouldn't really have to sit and think before explaining it to them and trying so very hard to not utter something complicated. This would also be an exercise in understanding Blockchain in the simplest of terms with real-life analogies.

So without further ado… Let’s Begin.

To start our journey, let’s take four friends — Ravi, Alice, Wasim, and Bob. Each of them has chocolates with them (1…


Blockchain has come a long way since being initially unveiled by Satoshi Nakamoto. And though it is still counted as a “nascent technology”, the developer community has quickly adapted to this tech and this has seen quite a few fascinating projects coming to fruition.

If you are a beginner in this field and wish to fill up your resume with a truckload of projects, you have arrived at the right place. Here’s a list of projects that you could make and build your skills.

But before you proceed, please make sure that you build a full end-to-end application and not…

Azure and BAAS.

Firstly, BAAS — What is it?

You can skip these parts and go directly to “Steps to Set-up Fabric Environment on Azure” if you are already familiar with these topics and just want a quick tutorial.

So what is BAAS? Any guesses? You might have heard about PAAS which stands for Platform as a Service, SAAS which stands for Software as a Service and IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service. But what is BAAS? At this point, if you might be from a Web Development background, you might be thinking, “Is it Backend as a Service?”

You couldn’t be further from the answer if that’s what…

Fear the Gopher!!

GoLang from the Perspective of C and Python Programmer.


Why Python?

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