Beginning your Blockchain Journey — A List of Projects you could do.


Blockchain has come a long way since being initially unveiled by Satoshi Nakamoto. And though it is still counted as a “nascent technology”, the developer community has quickly adapted to this tech and this has seen quite a few fascinating projects coming to fruition.

If you are a beginner in this field and wish to fill up your resume with a truckload of projects, you have arrived at the right place. Here’s a list of projects that you could make and build your skills.

But before you proceed, please make sure that you build a full end-to-end application and not just a piece of code which would demonstrate your familiarity with the subject. The reason is simple, a full-stack solution with a well-defined interface is more attractive than just seeing lines and lines of code. Case in point, writing Solidity smart contracts is easy and demonstrates your skills in the programming language as well as in Blockchain. But a more complete approach would be to make an interface using React or Angular and using Web3.js to communicate with the Blockchain Server.

So, without further ado, here is a list of projects that you could make on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in general.

Supply Chain Management Projects:

1. Tracking Land Ownership via Blockchain.

2. Design a Blockchain-based platform which checks for Counterfeit Medicine.

3. Secure Medical Data Records.

a) User Data would be encrypted. This would mean that even private data like User Medical Record can be uploaded without worry.

b) Medical Records can be tracked. This would essentially eliminate the risk of Forged Medical Records being presented to the Doctor by the patient with an ulterior motive.

4. Blockchain-based verification for authenticity of Wine.

The saying might seem comical but it’s true. In fact, just like the Pharmaceutical Industry, Wine Industry is plagued by Forgery. This could mean that a local brand might sell their wine illegally terming it as an “International or Imported Brand”. It could also mean that a locally made wine can be shipped with the name and tag of an International Brand (similar incidents have been reported in Pepsico and Leher Pvt. Ltd). Design a Blockchain System to address this problem and explain how it might be useful for the students living in Mess ;) ).

5. Meat Tracking System with Blockchain.

Similar incidents have been reported around the World. Conversely, it can be detrimental to a Food Outlet selling food made from authentic meat to be accused of using the wrong meat. Examples can include Dominoes being accused of mixing Beef in their Chicken Pizza. These incidents have communal implications as well. By designing a Supply Chain Management Tracking System for Meat Industry, such problems can be alleviated as the source of the meat can be easily confirmed along with the preservation techniques and expiration date of the Meat.

InterPlanetary File System Based Projects:

6. Build your Portfolio site and Host it on IPFS.

7. Decentralized Renting for Hard Disk Space.

Here’s a list of resources you can read-up on, Thanks to vasa for the list!

Intellectual Property Projects.

8. Tracking rights and shares of a Company.

9. Blockchain-based tracking of Rights for Painting.

10. Blockchain-Based Piracy Detection of Movies.

A similar idea can be implemented to put a check on piracy in the Game Development Industry, Music Industry and other fields where Intellectual Properties are concerned.


Ethereum Projects for Noobs:

11. Decentralized Election System.

12. Simple Auction using Ethereum.



In conclusion, I would like to state that there is a lot of scope in this field but only if you have your basics clear. You need to have a solid grasp over Cryptography, Decentralized Databases and a sense of where implementing these solutions would bring the best results. You cannot just implement a Blockchain or DLT anywhere you want (also, understand the basic difference between a Blockchain and a DLT).

As mentioned before, whenever you try to make a solution, make sure you build a complete one. Writing smart contracts doesn’t count as complete. Show your skills as a developer by making a full-stack solution. That would give you an edge over others.

Last but not least, never be afraid of reaching out for help. There are great developer communities (not just Stack Overflow) and tons of resources from where you can learn. Good Luck!