Explaining Blockchain to a 5-year-old.

How will you explain ‘Blockchain’ to a 5-year old child?

Today we are going to try to understand what blockchain is from the perspective of a child. Something like this would be really helpful when you are approached by your little sibling. You wouldn't really have to sit and think before explaining it to them and trying so very hard to not utter something complicated. This would also be an exercise in understanding Blockchain in the simplest of terms with real-life analogies.

The Mystery of the Missing Gem.

Now Ravi decides to share his yellow gem with Alice. As you can see below, he has given her the gem already. Now, Alice has 1 Eclair, and 4 gems while Ravi has 1 Eclair and only 2 gems.

Unknown Treasure Found!

How great would it be if we could go on adventures, right? Well, Bob in this pic has already gone on one and has found a treasure!

The Double Eclairs Dilemma.

Again, let’s return to the initial point. Everyone had 1 Eclair and 3 gems. Now Alice and Wasim decide to strike a deal. In return for one Eclair from Alice, Wasim will help her complete her Maths homework which she has to submit tomorrow.

(Here we can see Wasim with Alice’s eclairs.)
(Here we can see Bob with Alice’s Eclairs.)

Why so Unfair?

Now then, we have three problems in our hands with no clear solution. Before we get to the solution, let’s look at one more story.

(Two Gems sent through the bank.)
(Green gem remains with the Bank.)

Enter Blockchain — The Hero!

We now have three problems. Let’s summarize,

  1. Problem 2 — Bob went on a quest and found an extra gem. He decided to use it unfairly and without anyone’s permission. According to him, he already had that gem from the beginning.
  2. Problem 3 — Alice made 2 separate deals with Wasim and Bob using the same eclairs. Who owns the eclairs now? Or better yet, how can Alice use the eclairs once she has already given it to Wasim?
  3. Problem 4 — Wasim sent two gems Bob with the help of Bank. But Bank kept one gem as payment for its services.

But What is the Blockchain?

Remember this little piece of thing? We were calling it a “book”. This is where everyone’s actions were being recorded. And every one of the friends, Ravi, Bob, Alice, and Wasim had a copy of it. Every action was being checked first and then recorded once every one of them reached a decision.

Take Care!

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